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WOD 5/22

Happy Friday! “JT” is a hero WOD originally programmed as 21-15-9 of handstand push-ups, ring dips, and push-ups. It is a sneakily taxing one - especially on those triceps! 

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WOD 5/21

Tabata Thursday! :20 seconds of work, followed by :10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds or 4 minutes total on each exercise. Tabata timers are readily available for free - so I suggest downloading one to help keep you on track for this! It’s SO much easier than constantly monitoring your watch and remembering what round you’re on. 

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WOD 5/20

Halfway through another week - how is everyone doing?! We’re getting close to the final countdown -  38 weeks pregnant on Friday! 

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WOD 5/19

As many rounds / reps as possible in 12 minutes of this circuit. As per usual, feel free to add some stairs / walking / biking / rowing between rounds if desired. 

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WOD 5/18

Happy Monday! 

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WOD 5/15

Happy Friday! Hope you all have had a great week. 

I originally did this workout as a partner workout with my hubby - alternating full rounds. So you can enlist a friend / significant other to workout with you, or just take a minute or two rest between rounds. 

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WOD 5/14

Straight forward little couplet here for your Thursday. Start with 21 reps of each movement and work your way down the ladder. Add in any cardio between rounds of you like! 

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WOD 5/13

This one got spicy real fast with the weight that I was using! All of these movements should be done in the minute - repeat each complete cycle every minute. Ex - I finished the press and curls with about 20-25 seconds to monster walk each minute. Adjust the rep scheme if necessary so that you’re getting at least 20 seconds of monster walking in each round. I left the resistance band for the monster walks on the whole time that I was working, so that I didn’t need to bother with adjusting the positioning of the band each minute. 

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WOD 5/12

4 Rounds today, targeting a full body workout. Start with some cardio - walk, bike, row, run (if it’s still comfortable and you’re not experiencing heaviness at your lower abs or pelvic floor!) and aim for about 2-3 minutes of cardio work. 

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WOD 5/11

Let’s get this week started with a nice little back-to-back couplet of work. I still only have a relatively light kettlebell to play with at home (though we decided to splurge and order some home gym equipment - including a barbell! Not that I can really use it currently...but it’s exciting to think about getting back to it!) so this was a pretty fast workout for me (just over 6 minutes in total for both parts). You can definitely make it longer if you need more of a challenge, by upping the weights / using a barbell / increasing the reps / adding some cardio in betweeen the rounds etc.