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WOD 5/18

Happy Monday! 

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4 rounds

25 KB swings

25 Clamshells

25 Air squats 

25 Push-ups

Happy Monday! 

Use whatever weight you have available for the kettlebell swings (water bottle, diaper bag, etc) and make sure that you're hinging at those hips, and really focusing on squeezing your glutes! 

For this second movement, I did clamshells (25 per leg), but if getting up and down off the floor each round is not appealing, them you can slip a resistance band around your ankles or above the knees and do standing hip abduction (at a 45 degree angle, in between a lateral raise and straight hip extension) instead. 

No weight on the air squats today (unless you're feeling ambitious, then go for it!) Just go to a comfortable depth and focus on an even distribution of weight between each leg (I tend to favor my stronger right side when I fatigue, so just good things to be aware of when you're getting into the higher rep range). 

I did incline push-ups from our new box on these, but feel free to do whatever version of push ups is challenging, but still do-able without coning at your abs or pain at your low back. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend, let me know if you have questions!