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WOD 5/8

Strength work Friday! 

For each of these sets of exercises - aim to work for 40 seconds, rest 20, and then move on to the next exercise of the set of three. You can opt to add in a minute of rest between the rounds (ie - complete bridges, QPED circles in each direction, and then rest), or power through the three rounds. Your glutes will be feeling this first one! 

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WOD 5/7

A good active recovery day is really important to facilitate strength training, and it's especially important when pregnant! Pregnancy is a time of gradual deload (yes, deload - NOT maintenance!); as your body grows and changes, you are essentially forced into accepting that a monumental life shift is happening and you won't be able to do things exactly the way you are used to doing them. 

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WOD 5/6

5 rounds of moving through the following movements - working at lower reps today, so think about moving at a steady pace. But, don't forget to breathe! You should always be able to talk during your workout to ensure that baby is getting enough oxygen. 

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WOD 5/5

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In hindsight, I guess I should have programmed something with “5” in the workout in honor of the day, but having a multiple of 5 in there will have to work! 3 rounds of 30 reps of each exercise - continuing to work on that muscular stamina. 

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WOD 5/4

Happy unofficial Star Wars Day! Today we’re working for 12 minutes, rotating through the noted exercises. 

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WOD 5/1

Happy May Day!  Nice little recovery and accessory work day following yesterday’s longer haul. Work through these movements for 20 minutes. Adjust the time to fit your needs, and as always, amp up or scale down as desired!

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WOD 4/29

Tabata Time! This is essentially, work for :20 seconds, rest for :10, for 8 rounds per exercise (or 4 minutes total per exercise). You can pick and choose your movements if you’re on a time crunch, or hit them all for some solid stamina-building. 

Stamina and endurance are often thought of as synonyms, but in fact:

Stamina = local muscular capacity

Endurance = aerobic capacity 

Today we’re working on increasing your stamina by taxing the same muscle group repeatedly with minimal rest. 

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Image: 2020-04/blog-wod-4-28.jpg

WOD 4/28

Straight forward strength work here!

Work for 3 minutes, alternating between the push-ups and squats. Rest one minute between rounds, and repeat for 5 rounds. 

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Image: 2020-04/blog-wod-4-27.jpg

WOD 4/27

6 lateral lunges w/goblet hold

6 single arm thrusters

6 KB swings

1-2 min rest

6 bicep curls

6 strict shoulder press

6 tricep extensions overhead 

Image: 2020-04/blog-wod-4-23.jpg

WOD 4/23

3-5 rounds

Walk 400m 

10 Push-ups

:30 side plank R

:30 side plank L

25 clamshells R

25 clamshells L