Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, classes are currently limited to online Zoom calls. 

Starting in August:

Postpartum return to exercise group class

Take the guesswork out of returning to exercise! This program will focus first on your recovery and rebuilding of strength for everyday activities (because it’s HARD to do everything one-handed while carrying around that sweet babe all the time!) and helping to work towards your goals of returning to your preferred activities (be that chasing your kiddos, hiking, biking, running, HIIT, Crossfit, etc).  

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Eventually (when COVID-19 allows) I'd love to provide in-person exercise classes for Mamas and Mamas-to-be (because we all could use a little socialization in this isolating time - especially with new babies!). Stay tuned for more information on the following classes as the current climate changes:

* Prenatal strength and aerobic conditioning

* Mama's strength class (open to any Mamas, no matter how far PP)

1:1 Coaching

Individualized movement analysis, workout plans, and coaching throughout your pregnancy and / or post-partum to maximize your participation and enjoyment of exercise, while being proactive about protecting your long-term athleticism.

Physical Therapy

Initial evaluation covering your areas of concern or pain, with focus on developing a plan to meet your goals. In depth analysis of your movement patterns, strength, flexibility, neural tension, and barriers to peak athletic performance.

Follow-ups include: 

* Manual therapy - hands on techniques to facilitate improved movement and decreased pain.

* Therapeutic exercise - customized exercise programs to target areas of tightness, weakness.

* Neuromuscular re-education - facilitating adaptation of the nervous system to promote improved movement patterns, muscle recruitment, balance, speed, and power. 

* Return to sport training - high level exercises specific to the demands of your preferred sport.