Take the guesswork out of returning to exercise with Dr. Erin Foster, an orthopedic physical therapist who specializes in training pregnant and postpartum women. 

This program will focus first on your recovery and rebuilding of strength for everyday activities (because it’s HARD to do everything one-handed while carrying around that sweet babe all the time!) and helping to work towards your goals of returning to your preferred activities (be that chasing your kiddos, hiking, biking, running, HIIT, Crossfit, etc).  

Spots will be limited to 5 participants to ensure a small community feel and enable Erin to provide in depth movement analysis and live feedback for each participant. Classes will be once weekly, either Tuesday or Thursday AM. Babies are welcome!


  • One-on-one initial evaluation prior to the start of classes with specific movement analysis and personalized goal setting
  • 6 weeks of hour-long zoom classes, programming by Erin in collaboration with local pelvic floor physical therapist, Dr. Christine Pieton
  • Weekly follow-up emails regarding goals and key things to remember (because mom-brain and sleep deprivation fog are REAL!)
  • Group chat for fostering that all important new-mama camaraderie

This class is focused on the early postpartum period, or returning to exercise following a prolonged off-period. If you feel that you are beyond this early return to exercise period, but would like more guidance on specific return-to-sport activities, or an exercise group for postpartum women with a higher intensity, send Erin an email!