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Workout of the day - Monday 3/30

5 Rounds:

20 single leg mini squats (10 per leg)

10 shoulder front raises w/ water bottle

10 shoulder lateral raises w/ water bottle

10 shoulder ER 90/90 or strict press

20 water bottle (KB style) swings to chest height

*Ideally, add a walk around the block or set of stairs in between rounds

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I launched my Instagram account today - whoo! - so I included a bonus workout for the day (all about options over here!). 

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Tips for modification and scaling of workouts

Click here for ideas on how to amp up / scale back your workouts

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Key considerations for exercise during pregnancy

A few important things to keep in mind during this ever-changing time!

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    Before you begin

    Please read for important MD information regarding exercise and exercise during pregnancy